Coding & Robotics

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Coding & Robotics
Coding & Robotics
Coding & Robotics
Coding & Robotics

Kids Circle has partnered with CodePAI to teach the kids Coding and Robotics.

CodePAI, short for Code-Play-AI, led by multiple PhDs and IT senior engineers,  challenges kids to find different ways to meet the target. As they progress from easy to advanced level, kids learn and use new coding concepts like sequence, loops, functions, etc. step by step.

To help our next generation equip with the new digital skills, CodePAI make our courses interesting enough to engage kids to learn digital skills, STEM and latest technologies via our coding and robotics courses, leveraging curriculum for kids designed by Google, Apple, MIT,  Microsoft etc.

Students can assemble, redesign and code 10+ different robots including Lego robots and Lego compatible robots (from 40 pieces to 400 pieces). Using their coding skills from us, students can program robots to complete various tasks-- designing routes, avoiding obstacle, following the line and identifying the voice, dancing, singing, facing recognition and so on.

Coding Languages: Blockly, Scratch, ScratchJR, Swift and Python based on the student capacity and interests.

Robot for coding:   Edison Robot,  Lego Boost, Makeblock Airblock Drone, Mbot,  Microbit buildbit,   Jimu Robot and more.

Coding Game: Blockly+ Minecraft, Blockly + Tynker, Python + CodePai, Switch playground, Scratch games.

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