Martial Arts - Karate


Kids Circle Karate has emerged  on developing:


  • Co-ordination

  • Focus

  • Concentration

  • Motivation

  • Self-discipline

  • Self Control

  • Fitness for life

  • Practical Self Defence

In our Karate program, progress and improvement is acknowledged by regular testing and students are encouraged to participate in the colour belt gradings that take place at the end of every term, which helps them keep motivated and engaged in Karate.

Marc Slater, our Karate instructor, has been training in martial arts since the age of 15 years old, and holds a 3rd Dan Black belt grade in Wado Ryu Karate. Marc has competed on open mats and also in the ring for "full contact" competition. All his grades were assessed by the head of the British Karate Association, Sensei Brian Seabright, and his instructor Sensei Paul Barnett. 

Marc also has 10 years Kickboxing/Boxing training experience under Neville Brown, along with 3 years of Japanese Jujitsu training under Kuon Ji, all back in the UK. He has been teaching kids/adults Karate since 2001, from 4yrs old to 65yrs old!

"With all this experience I have a wealth of knowledge on how to engage with students, keep them fit, healthy and smiling. Teaching is a massive passion for me, and so rewarding when a student enjoys what they do in martial arts. Lets make an impact!


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