K-Pop, Hip Hop & Jazz

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Experiencing the Performing Arts brings children together from a variety of backgrounds and personalities. Learning a dance routine also develops the ability to work successfully in a team and in a group environment.

As you see the kids burning energy and loving the music, you realise they have no idea that they are also developing a greater range of movement, imagination and self-esteem. The kids learn to interpret the effect their movement has on the world around them. Dancing improves a child’s coordination, physical development and level of fitness.

Kids Circle offers Performing Arts classes on Wednesday afternoons based on jazz, K-Pop, Latin and Contemporary dancing.

Dance Class
Dance Class
Dance Class

Our Performing Arts teacher Daniela was born in Colombia and has been dancing since she was a child. She has undertaken workshops with international dancers/choreographers including traveling to the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Cuba and Costa Rica – also performing in works by others and delivering contemporary workshops in the famous Danza Comun dance school.

A highly versatile dancer, Daniela’s studies, performances and works have ranged from urban to Latin styles. 

"I am passionate about teaching children. It is gratifying to teach them the values of this beautiful art form and how it can be used to express emotions, develop their creativity and above all give them a moment of fun and happiness dancing with their friends in class.“ ~ Daniela.