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Performing arts activities,  bring children together from a variety of backgrounds and personalities, and being part of a group activity, like learning a dance routine, promotes the importance of teamwork and develops the ability to work successfully in a group environment.

Through dancing, children develop a greater range of movement, imagination and self-esteem, they learn to interpret the effect their movement has on the world around them. Dancing improves a child’s coordination, physical development and level of fitness

Kids Circle offers Performing Arts classes on Wednesday afternoon based on jazz, pop and contemporary dancing.

Dance Class
Dance Class
Dance Class

Daniela Zambrano, our Performing Arts teacher, was born in Colombia and began her dance training at Tunja Colegio de la Presentacion (arts college) at the age of 14. Following graduation Daniela began training with the Colombian National Ballet of Sonia Osorio in Bogota and was quickly selected to join the company. She stayed with the company 3 years (07-08) becoming a soloist in their works. In 2009 Daniela began studying full-time at University Distrital’s Academia Superior de Artes de Bogota, completing her degree in Choreographic Direction and Contemporary Dance in 2014. Daniela created numerous choreographic works both relating to her studies and for festivals, this included presenting a major choreographic work in theatres each year in which she directed groups of professional dancers. Daniela furthered her learning by undertaking workshops with international dancers/choreographers including travels to United States, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Cuba and Costa Rica – also performing in works by others and delivering contemporary workshops in Danza Comun. A highly versatile dancer, Daniela’s studies, performances and works have ranged from urban to Latin styles. 

In late 2014 Daniela relocated to Sydney,  where she continues to further her artistic development by attending workshops (e.g. Riley Watts, Chunky Move, Brian Footwork) and arming tools for her current and future choreographic works while building networks in the local industry. Daniela has directed and danced in choreographic pieces for festivals and openings in Sydney and Canberra, and has also taught various classes and workshops including at Oz Dance Centre, Dance Central and Sydney Independent Dancers (contemporary workshop April 2016). 

Daniela is motivated to continue progressing her career in the Sydney dance industry, looking to share her knowledge and experience and establish herself as a respected dance instructor and director choreographic works. 

"I am passionate about teaching children. It is gratifying to teach them the values of this beautiful art form and how it can be used to express emotions, develop their creativity and above all give them a moment of fun and happiness dancing with their friends in class."

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