Services to Childcare Centres

Kids Circle offers services to Childcare Centres to expand the kids experiences and exposure to different activities and extracurricular classes.

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The advantages of engaging with Kids Circle are:


  • We organise the classes for your centres

  • We source the instructors and teachers specialised in the areas for you, so you always have the classes running and don’t have to worry if a teacher is absent.

  • Reward program included; certificate of participation in our classes and grading program for Taekwondo. No extra admin costs for doing this, this is part of our job.

  • We can offer you programs from 30mins up, and we can try to accommodate as many kids as possible to make it affordable for the centre, but also attractive for the parents so you can use this as a selling tool.

  • Kids Circle is well-known in the North Shore area for its quality programs, especially in Chatswood/Willoughby/Artarmon.  

  • We have a $20Mill Public Liability insurance and all our instructors have a current and verified WWCC.

Classes we could offer to your centre:


  • Kids Circle - Let’s Dance program: We can offer different rhythms each term, to make it fun and attractive; Latin rhythms, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet. Developing independence, enhancing children’s memory, creativity, balance and coordination skills.


  • Kids Circle – Rising Star Drama program: Fun action games and storytelling to improve communication, confidence and self-esteem.


  • Kids Circle –Do Re Mi Music program: Songs to sing, dance, and have fun while learning in a practical way tempo, beats and rhythms. Improving communication, developing motor skills and enhancing connection between mind and body. 


  • Kids Circle – Amigos Spanish program: A second or third language is always beneficial, and Spanish is really trendy and an interesting language to learn. It will inspire children to gain interest in other languages and cultures, while developing problem-solving and cognitive skills, communication and independence. 


  • Kids Circle – Happy Yogis: Yoga & Mindfulness to improve concentration, coordination and self-regulation.


  • Kids Circle – Brave Tots Martial Arts (Taekwondo): to work on resilience, discipline and team work.



Music & Movement


Kids Circle is licensed to deliver the Kinder Beat Music Program created by Encore Music Education. This award-winning program utilises groundbreaking early childhood education principles and introduces young children to music in a way that stimulates all their senses. It features many activities that children need for brain development and acceleration, encouraging early reading skills and imaginary play, all with music!


These include:

  • Rhythm, beat, pulse and metre

  • Body percussion

  • Musical games and improvisation

  • Singing songs, rhymes and solfa/solfege

  • Movement, dance and gesture

  • Percussion playing – tuned and untuned

  • Listening, reflecting and responding

  • Story-telling and mime

  • Coordinating with a range of props

  • Ensemble playing

  • Reading, understanding and interacting 
    with iconic and traditional notation


Catherine Golden is a Sydney-based music teacher, performer and composer/arranger. Catherine graduated from the University of Western Sydney with a Bachelor of Music with Honours  in 2014 and was awarded the University Medal for her research in Contemporary Musicology.
Since graduation, Catherine has devoted herself to both performing and teaching in equal measures, becoming experienced in conducting and teaching music to primary school-aged children as well as diversifying her performance career.
She currently conducts school bands at different primary schools as well as running junior music programs primary schools, pre-schools and day-care centres.


Our Martial Arts - Taekwondo program for young kids promotes the ideals of discipline, respect and confidence through activities which are designed to increase aerobic capacity, sharpen motor skills and increase focus.​

What Are the Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids?

  • learn self-defence

  • keep children active

  • help teach children to stay focused

  • develop team spirit

  • teach children self-confidence and self-respect


Level 1: White bandana

Level 2: Blue bandana

Level 3: Red bandana

Level 4:  Black bandana or Yellow belt


Diana Latorre is a physical education teacher who has trained MMA (Mix Martial Arts) since she was 8 years old. Scurrently holds a Black Belt 3rd Dan in Kick Boxing.

Diana became Black Belt in 1992, in 2000 she obtained Black Belt 1st Dan in Taekwondo, in 2005  Black Belt 2nd Dan and currently she is meeting all the requirements to hold the 3rd Dan.​

She had the chance to compete in different national events, representing her university and the city where she is from,  Bogota-Colombia. She qualified numerous times and went to Nationals were she won gold medals for a few consecutive years.​

After she became a teacher , it was important for Diana that the children she was teaching knew more or had contact with the Martial Arts journey, which made her want to share her knowledge and experiences as an athlete to her preeschool, primary school and high school students. It has been nearly 25 years sharing the values and techniques of Martial arts to her students and she has loved every day of it.


Diana currently has her own Martial Arts Club called Jungle Martial Arts, and teaches Kickboxing to adults in our local community.

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