About us

Grace and Carolina started working in this project over 4 years ago, while they were still working full-time in their careers.  They knew there was something missing and they wanted to create something unique and different that would cater for the needs of the parents and their children. When they started investigating, they were surprised by the Casual attitude and lack of structured opportunities for learning and development in the after school care industry. They were shocked to find children of all ages spending two to three hours together in the same area, every day, often bored, and doing  very little until their parents arrived to collect them.

The year before launching Kids Circle, Grace experienced it with her daughter at first hand. 

“I felt so sad to think about leaving my daughter there every day. I was also annoyed by the lack of options, and by how difficult it was for working parents to take their children to extracurricular classes during the week. I kind of felt relieved, knowing Kids Circle was going to be launched soon”.

Grace and Carolina talked to mums with kids in after-school care and 90% of them expressed concerns about how unhappy or disengaged their kids were. They also listened to many mums who were upset about losing their precious weekends driving their children to classes to develop their skills and talents because they couldn’t do it during the week.  


"We thought about how we could really help families, and we decided to create Kids Circle."

Kids Circle was designed to create the sort of environment we felt we would like for our own children and families. It is not an after-school care, its proposition is completely different. Kids Circle offers opportunities for children to be exposed to and involved in extracurricular classes to broaden their abilities and interests.


Grace and Carolina are both passionate about nurturing kids and giving them the best opportunities to grow, explore areas they feel interested in, develop new passions, and improve confidence and self-esteem.

Come and meet them at the centre, have a chat and experience the difference for yourself. They are very proud of what they offer and the high standards of their services.

"We are here to help you and your family by giving your children wonderful experiences during the week, so you can have quality time together on the weekends."


To give your child the opportunity to try a class before committing to the rest of the term Kids Circle offers an obligation-free trial class. Contact us today to find out more, to visit the centre or to book your free trial. 

Carolina Velasquez and Grace Lazzeri

 Founders & Directors