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When kids start school, they can really benefit from playing with art and crafts activity boxes at home.

Help your child express themselves with Kids Circle Activity Kits!

Want your kids to keep learning outside of school and have fun at the same time? Our Kids Circle Arts and Crafts kits are exactly what they need!  These Craft Kits and Art Boxes are specially designed to help 6-8 year olds develop self esteem as children undertake creative projects. Children start to understand literacy and maths concepts as well as continue to develop their creativity.

The wide range of creative and easy to use Kids Circle materials helps kids of all ages to express their individuality and craft their very own masterpieces. It really does develop their confidence and concentration to start and finish an activity. Your child also get to express their feelings and increase their self esteem in a beautiful, artsy way! They’ll say “look, I made that!” 

Our Creative Mega Pack 1 and Creative Mega Pack 2 come jam packed with lots of arts and crafts goodies. Including air-dry clay, drawing kits, wooden block models, painting kits, and so much more. With a variety of shapes and colours to choose from, your child can learn to grasp bigger concepts of cause and effect by starting small. Your children learn to plan ahead by picking the colours they want, and following instructions so kids can create their best piece.

Your kids will be inspired to create their very own works of art to decorate their house and room with! These kits have enough materials so children can share or collaborate with friends and family. It’s the best activity to nurture quality family time and bonding.  Grab a Kids Circle arts and crafts kit today, and kick start your child’s creativity at home.

Grab a Kids Circle arts and crafts kit today, and get your child involved!