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Create masterpieces out of fabric with our tie dye kits

Tie dye is a vibrant and super versatile way to lend a burst of colour to any cloth surface of your choice, and it’s easy enough for kids of all ages to get involved in! Let them pick the paint and colours of their choice and watch them transform a plain white piece of fabric into a stunning masterpiece that brightens any living area. With our tie dye kits, they can experiment with any medium they find, from clothes such as t-shirts and socks, to shoes, calico bags, and even pillow covers!
The versatility comes in the various techniques you can use to create different patterns with it, such as spirals, stripes (shibori), sunburst, lightning, roses, folds, and crumple. Simply pick the technique that will best suit the medium you need to dye. Combine this with the different mixes and colour combinations, and the possibilities are endless and the results truly unique.
Our tie dye kits are included in our special Tie Dye and Glow in the Dark Adventure kits. Gift one to your kid for a fun, creative way to brighten up their plain clothes or room!

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  • Tie Dye Craft Kit and Glow in the Dark Fabric Paint Adventure
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