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Let your kids unwind and be productive with modelling clay kits 

Modelling clay allows your child to create and mould projects at a more advanced level than air-dry clay, but comes with all of the same benefits; it's easily mouldable and soft texture, and non-toxic, environmentally friendly properties. Our modelling clay kits provide materials in a variety of colours so kids can get extra free and creative with their hands with no mess, no fuss.
The best part about modelling clay is that there is no right or wrong way to play with it. If you make a mistake, you can simply change the shape and start over! This encourages your kids to grasp the concept of 'trial and error' and enables them to relax while simultaneously stimulating their brains. It allows them to fully embrace the ‘flow’ state – where they are fully immersed in an activity, the focus increasing their happiness levels.
Check our Polymer Clay & Air Dry Clay Kit or our Creative Mega Pack 1 which includes Modelling Clay for a fun-filled, stimulating activity for kids and parents alike!