The Sydney Academy of Chess will be running Chess classes at Kids Circle - Chatswood every Thursday during school term.


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Beginners will learn how to play and all of the rules of chess, progressing to learn some basic checkmates and strategies later on. Intermediate and Advanced players will learn about opening theories, tactics, strategies and endgames improving their game and expanding the calculation skills and foresight that they have already been developing. The kids will be given time to play friendly and competitive games against each other and to solve simulated chess puzzles.


Benefits of Chess:​

  • Encourages patience, sharp memory and the ability to concentrate

  • Encourages problem solving skills; the students look at a problem, break it down, and then put the whole thing back together. 

  • Demands both inductive and deductive reasoning. 

  • Involves recall, analysis, judgment, and abstract reasoning. 

  • Improves decision-making skills. 

  • Increases players self-confidence and improves organisational habits.