Pencil Holder Clay Project

Download Lesson Plan Instructions Here

Materials needed

  • 500 g of Clay
  • 1 empty cup
  • 1 cup with a bit of water
  • Optional: Paint (acrylic or similar)and Paintbrushes in case you would like to paint it


  • Open the clay pack and separate the 500g of clay in 5-6 smaller pieces that you can knead easily
  • Clay preparation is vital for the success of the project
  • Do not add water to the clay


  1. Use a clean and non-stick surface where you can work with clay. You can use a big plastic plate or a flat tray.
  2. Bear down on the clay using the weight of your upper body. Try to flatten it but not completely, as you don’t want it to stick to the surface.
  3. Once you have a portion flat on top of the surface you are working on, turn the cup upside down and press it against the clay to cut the clay piece into a rounded shape.
  4. Press your fingers gently around the borders of the flat circle so it looks nice and neat. This will be the base of the pencil holder.
  5. Now grab one or two pieces of the remaining clay, and try to convert this piece into a long snake.
  6. Dab your fingers into a bit of water and wet the borders of the base.
  7. Fix the “snake” clay around the base and start adding levels/layers.
  8. Once you are ready to work on the final border, you can do it the same way you have been doing it until now, or start twisting it for a funky finish.
  9. You can finish here, which looks great, or you can decorate it and give it your personal touch. You can make little balls and stick them around the pencil holder, you can add your initials, you can add any ornaments you like.
  10. Now it's time to let it dry. No baking is necessary but pleases allow 24hrs to dry.
  11. Once it is dry check it and you can paint it gently with the colours you prefer.

Well done, your artwork is ready!


Don't forget to share your final Art Piece on social media, tag @kidscircleaus and #kidscircleaus to go in the monthly draw for a special prize 😉