Sweet Watermelon Oil Pastel

Download Lesson Plan Instructions Here

Materials needed

  • Canvas or Paper
  • Oil pastels: Pink, Red, Light Green, Dark Green, Blue, White and Black

About Oil Pastels

  • You can get a very bold effect by pressing the oil pastel stick harder on the surface
  • You can blend colours by mixing two or more colours
  • You can make a lighter version of your colour by using white on top


  1. Using your canvas or paper, draw half a circle in the middle of your paper using light green oil pastel on the inside and dark green on the outside.
  2. Fill it in with pink and then apply red on top to achieve a hot pink effect.
  3. Draw an oval in the background (to make a whole watermelon at the back)
  4. Fill it in doing stripes of light green and dark green.
  5. Make the seeds using black.
  6. Draw a line below the watermelons and fill it in with grey oil pastel or similar. It can be brown as well, as this is to show there is a table or surface beneath the fruit.
  7. Fill in the background using dark blue oil pastel, you can start applying the dark blue from the top and as you go down blend it with white to give it a lighter effect.

Well done, your artwork is ready!


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