Abstract Project Oil Pastels

Download Lesson Plan Instructions Here

Materials needed

  • Canvas or Paper
  • Oil pastels
  • 1 cup or similar to make the circles
  • 1 pencil

About Oil Pastels

  • You can get a very bold effect by pressing the oil pastel stick harder on the surface
  • You can blend colours by mixing two or more colours
  • You can make a lighter version of your colour by using white on top


  1. Using a canvas or paper, draw circles using a cup or similar.
  2. Select the colours you would like to use.
  3. Start by filling in the middle area around the circles using the lightest colour you prefer and try not to use the same colour on the area right next to it. We started with yellow.
  4. Move on to the next colour of your preference, in our case we picked green, and start filling in some of the circles. We used light green first and then dark green to make a rounded effect inside.
  5. Move on to the next colour and repeat the process. We used orange next and the red mixed with the orange areas to sort of give it some shade.
  6. Mistake? There are no mistakes in art! If you have a mark from one unwanted colour to another, don’t worry, you can draw some patterns on top to cover them as we did with the orange patterns on top of the yellow. (See illustration)
  7. Once you have finalised filling in the areas, you can outline them with your black oil pastel stick

Well done, your artwork is ready!


Don't forget to share your final Art Piece on social media, tag @kidscircleaus and #kidscircleaus to go in the monthly draw for a special prize 😉