Abstract Painting Acrylic Painting

Download Lesson Plan Instructions Here

Materials needed

  • Canvas or paper
  • Pallet or a normal plate
  • 2 Paintbrushes; medium for the colours and fine for retouches and
  • 1 cup with a bit of water to wash the brush when needed
  • Tissue paper to dry your paintbrushes
  • Washi/masking tape
  • Acrylic paint

Colours we used: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, black (for the letters), white (mixed with green and blue to get lighter tones).


  1. Create a border using your washi tape., especially If you are using paper and not a canvas as this avoids the paper from wrinkling, and it also helps in creating a clean polished look.
  2. This is where the fun begins. Start by creating a pattern using your washi tapes. You can use simple designs such as horizontal and vertical lines or you can get creative by using abstract patterns. Make sure to press the tape securely onto the canvas to keep paint from leaking through.
  3. Select the colours you would like to use. You can either keep colours separated by the tape or follow our example where we go across the tape while blending the colours.
  4. Using a medium brush, start filling in the white areas with the first colour of your preference, then move on to the next colour and so on until you have used all the colours originally selected. We created this look using vertical strokes. A tip for beginners is to use the same brushstroke for the whole painting, that way the painting will look smooth.
  5. Would you like to give some texture? If so, you can use a brush with a bit of light paint such as white or beige to create a light splatter effect on the canvas.
  6. Wait around 30 minutes and when the paint is all dry, it is time to carefully remove the washi tape. It is exciting to see how it all turned out!
  7. Sometimes, the paint bleeds through the washi tape, if this happens you can paint the outline with a black marker or retouch the white space going over it with a fine brush and white paint like we did.
  8. You can leave it like this, you can add your name or another word that makes you “Happy”.

Well done, your artwork is ready!


Don't forget to share your final Art Piece on social media, tag @kidscircleaus and #kidscircleaus to go in the monthly draw for a special prize 😉