Special Offers for NSW Creative Kids Voucher Kits

Special Offers for NSW Creative Kids Voucher Kits

Did you know you can redeem your NSW Creative Kids voucher for FREE?

Feeling Lucky? So are we!

As you know, the NSW Government launched the Creative Kids program to get more families of children incentivised in arts and crafts. Parents, guardians and carers can apply for a Creative Kids program voucher with a value of up to $100 per calendar year for each student aged 4.5 to 18 years old enrolled at school.

Usually, this covers the cost of registration for creative or cultural activities with registered Creative Kids Voucher providers such as Kids Circle, but last year, Services NSW extended the voucher to be able to purchase Arts and Crafts kits!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic affected school schedules statewide, our School Holiday programs could not run in July as normal, and so like most businesses we moved our projects and activities online. Our Creative Kids’ Packs and Arts and Crafts kits were developed in response to you, our clients, parents and teachers wishing for their kids to keep in touch with their creative side even while staying indoors. In our Spring Collection offering, we’ve launched the Green Craft Kit specially designed for preschoolers, and now we have launched the amazing Christmas Deluxe Craft Kit which includes kids favourite fidget and pop it toys, so you can give your children’s a fantastic learning experience while keeping them safe and having fun!

There’s a world of inspiration to choose from with arts and crafts materials covering everything under the sun. Our Kids Circle Creative Arts and Crafts Kits come jam-packed with a fun variety of projects, from modelling clay to drawing and painting kits to wooden block models. We have different art projects for children of all ages, tweens and teens, so their imagination can run wild and their creative skills can flourish. These come with our easy to follow online tutorials, available on our website.

Our kits have been specially designed to incorporate STEM and STEAM concepts in an artistic way, using a range of materials including air dry clay, pouring kits, tie dye, slime, and so much more, so your kids can learn and grow as they create. And it’s fun for parents too; who knows, maybe you’ll pick up a new skill with your kids and awaken the inner child in you!

We also have special packages for birthdays, school holidays, and Christmas, as well as resources for teachers and school coordinator groups; so even if your family has to spend the holiday indoors, they’re never short of a special celebration. It’s the perfect way to redeem your NSW Creative Kids Voucher for a gift that is truly worthwhile.

There are plenty of fun ideas to get the whole family involved; programs for children to learn different art techniques and mediums, and additional craft resources to purchase alongside the kids’ bundle you have ordered today.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved with the Creative Kids Circle community today! We welcome you to check out our wide range of artsy materials, and pick up some new craft skills all while having tons of fun. 

And remember, you can use the Services NSW Creative Kids Voucher to access our special kits to a value of $100 for FREE! Visit the website to learn more and get yours today.