8 Trendy Art Materials For Your Kids to Experiment With This Year

Do you have a budding young artist at home whose fingers are always busy creating, playing with colours and shapes, covered in paint and slime? It means your child has a vivid imagination which you should encourage with experiments in art materials! At Kids Circle, we specialise in putting together the most versatile and fun arts and crafts kits for kids of all ages, all packed with must-have materials they’ll love to use. Check out some of our most popular art materials for kids:

  1. 3D Pens

3D pens are the product of the excitement of technology with the creativity of art. These powerful pens can turn your child’s two-dimensional idea or paper drawing into a colourful, practical 3D object they can personalise and use the way they want! Use them to create something from scratch, or add life to an otherwise ordinary, boring object. 

3D pen Australia | Best Creative Craft Kits for Kids


  1. Posca Pens

Every painter or illustrator swears by Posca pens - but that doesn’t mean they should be limited to the adults! The beauty of Posca pens is they use real paint which dries like normal paint and leaves a beautiful imprint behind. They let you have opaque and water-based paint on your canvas in fine or broad lines, instead of struggling with a paintbrush. The perfect art materials for kids who want an easy way to learn to paint!

Posca Pens Australia | Best Craft Kits for Kids


  1. Watercolours

You’ve heard of watercolour palettes, pencils and watercolour crayons! Watercolours are a fantastic and fun medium for kids to work with.  They work great for combining and easy blending with a delicate and subtle effect. The trick is to dip the tip of your watercolour brush, pencil or crayon in a water droplet, so the pigment will get a good texture. Check our watercolour craft kits

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  1. Tie Dye

Tie dye has always been one of the most popular art materials for kids for decades, because of how fun and colourful it is - you make a mess to produce a stunning result! Use our tie-dye kits to turn your old, plain and boring T-shirts into lively, gorgeous fashion pieces. Follow our tutorials so you can get set and start dyeing!

Tie Dye Kits for Kids |  Best Craft Ideas Australia


  1. Acrylic Paints

For kids starting to graduate from drawing to painting, acrylic paints are the perfect art materials thanks to their fast drying pigment, and you can further control the drying rate with an acrylic retarder. It’s a super versatile medium which can create even gel or paste effects. Even better, it’s water resistant - making it perfect for painting objects like wood or clay!

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  1. Oil Pastels

On the other hand, student-grade oil pastels like those included in all our Kids Circle arts and crafts kits make the ideal art materials for kids just starting out with oil paintings! Artist-grade oil pastels can be tricky to use, so this is a great way to help them learn the basics of colouring and blending and create masterpieces as they practice.

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  1. Air Dry Clay

Do you have a budding young sculptor with busy hands? Air dry clay makes the perfect gift for them, as you don’t need any kiln or professional sculpting equipment to mould it into the shape you want! All our air dry clay kits come with the highest quality, non-toxic, kid friendly materials with an even texture that’s perfect for beginners. Once dried, you can even paint over them!

Air Dry Clay Kits for Kids Australia | Sydney |  Melbourne


  1. Scrapbook

Kids are always creating fantasy worlds with beautiful stories in their heads, and wouldn’t it be great if they could bring their ideas to life with pen and paper? Whether it’s journaling everyday life, or putting together creative concepts with vibrant decorations and themes - our scrapbook kits help them store all their best memories in heartfelt, colourful ways!

Scrapbooking Kit | Australia | NSW | QLD | Perth

Find something you think your children would love? Grab it along with any of our Kids Circle arts and crafts kits for kids today!