Enjoy 5 Simple Art Therapy Activities your kids will Love!

Sometimes, when we’re stressed or overwhelmed, we find it hard to express our emotions without an outlet to relax. It’s easy to think this is a problem that mostly affects adults, but in fact, children also feel overwhelmed and need a space to express all their emotions - not just the happy or joyful ones, but sadness, frustration, disappointment and anger too.

It’s important that kids and adults can learn to express these diverse and sometimes complex feelings in a healthy manner, and art therapy is a wonderful way to do so!

Art therapy activities have proven a great source of both relaxation and mental relaxation for both children and adults. Kids with autism or ADHD, who could require a source of occupation and sensory comfort, could greatly benefit by making easy craft projects with their hands or expressing their feelings through art therapy helps them avoid bottling up negative feelings or uncomfortable sensations in the trap of quarantine.

After what the kids have experienced through the pandemic, now when everything is opening up again, your children may feel overwhelmed from the sudden changes all around them, for not being able to experience the school camp or Naplan exams during the last 2 years, and now having to experience many changes at school and at home that are set taking into consideration like if they have experienced these things before but they didn't, and now when having to face this opportunities again they might feel not ready and anxious - so we at Kids Circle recommend Art Therapy activities as the perfect after-school family bonding! Parents can communicate freely with their children while making beautiful arts and crafts with them.

We’ve compiled a selection of easy and fun craft activities that could be applied as art therapy activities and that could be also used as bonding projects between siblings or to be done with mum / dad or even with a carer. These have been among some of the favourites kids have enjoyed in our past School Holidays, so kids have enjoyed them and we received extremely positive feedback.  We picked these projects, as we know kids said they would love to do them with their parents. These projects can be created using simple materials you can find at home or in our Kids Circle Arts and Crafts kits.


  1. Mandalas (Ages 4+)

Mandalas are made by drawing repeating patterns in beautiful circular arrangements, which you can do using a printable mandala template and colour in or make them using small plates, cups and even just tracing them yourself. Colouring mandalas is an effective way to combat anxiety, as research over the years has shown that repetitive motions and patterns can help ease and stimulate your nervous system. A wonderful activity for the whole family.

Easy Mandalas for bonding with kids  | Art Therapy Activities your children will love | Kids Circle
Source: L.J. Knight Art.  


  1. Picture Your Emotions (Ages 3+)

Sometimes when words fail us, we find it easier to express our emotions as a visual that’s in our mind. This is especially true for children, whose vocabulary isn’t fully developed yet - so encouraging them to draw pictures of their emotions helps both them and their parents understand them better, and have open and honest conversations about their feelings. Try this art therapy activity sometime - you’ll be surprised at what wisdom you can learn from your child!

How to learn to recognise and express emotions through art  | Art Therapy Activities your children will love | Kids CircleEmotions Cart Wheel  | Art Therapy Activities your children will love | Kids CircleExpress the emotions in my heart template  | Art Therapy Activities your children will love | Kids Circle
Source: Emotions Color Wheel & What Feelings Are In Your Heart


  1. Art From Nature (Ages 6+)

Nature has always been mankind’s greatest source of energy, and children will always be fascinated with the great outdoors. Learning to create art from nature helps to ground them and teach them empathy for living things and each other. The next time you go camping or have access to a garden, encourage your child to make art inspired by their trip. You and your kids will explore and feel a greater connection to your surroundings through the power of art!

Outdoor Art Projects and Ideas with elements from nature | Art Therapy Activities your children will love | Kids Circle
Source: Pinterest: @Mothernatured


  1. Scrapbooking/Collages (Ages 8+)

There are no rules to making a scrapbook or collage; it is your personal adventure, decorated in a way that brings you the most joy and sensory comfort. This is a particularly fun activity for teens and tweens, who love preserving their fondest memories from normal printed or polaroid photos to stickers to concert tickets. We have put together a couple of super cool scrapbooking kits that let you play around with mediums and colours to create a book full of art that is truly theirs and that can be kept to cherish their memories for as long as they want. 

Scrapbooking with your tween or tween bonding activity  | Art Therapy Activities your children will love | Kids Circle
Source: www.kidscircle.com.au


  1. Family Sculpture (Ages 5+)

With the help of our air dry clay kits, the whole family can get involved in moulding and painting beautiful little creations and even create faces showing the expressions of each member of the family. The soft sensation of the clay is immensely relaxing, as well as the joy of making something with your own hands. Each family member can bring their own unique creation to the table - adding a lively touch to your home and a special memory for your kids!

Share family time and emotions through art using Air Dry Clay  | Art Therapy Activities your children will love | Kids Circle
Source: https://homegrownfriends.com


At Kids Circle, we believe that arts and crafts carry added meaning and purpose. Through the power of art therapy activities for kids, parents and carers can help children’s brains relax and develop in a simple yet fun manner, and you save on time and money with our handy kits packed with all the materials you will need and instructions to follow; or, you can be inspired and create your own art therapy activities.

Let your child live a bright, stress-free life with Kids Circle!