5 Fun Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids to Get Egg-Cited This Easter!

Easter is just around the corner, which means the long Easter weekend - which means many fun celebrations for your kids to enjoy, including Easter arts and crafts!

We at Kids Circle have selected 5 entertaining, creative activities in arts and crafts for kids to occupy themselves during the break, whether it’s to brighten up your Easter party or right before the Easter Egg Hunt starts. These activities are designed for kids aged 5-12, but you can double the fun by getting the whole family involved! What better way to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones than bonding over Easter arts and crafts?

Kids Circle - Best Easter Craft Kits for Kids


All of these activities come as part of our limited edition Kids Circle Easter Arts and Crafts Kits, which come packed with all the materials you need and full tutorials on how to complete them! Read on for a preview of what we’ve got in store for you and your kids.

  1. Easter Watercolour Cards

If you’re planning to host a garden party or an Easter egg hunt for your kids and their friends - why not get them to make the invites themselves? With fun, vibrant watercolours, your kids can create different patterns and gradients in all of their favourite colours to create amazing Easter cards with a personal touch. The perfect activity to kick off the holiday!

Kids Circle - Easter Craft Kits for Kids

  1. Yarn and Watercolour Easter Cards

In our other tutorials, we’ve shown how kids can make stunning creations by combining paper, yarn, and any paint. Why not get them to jazz up their Easter cards by working in yarn? Combine it with the watercolours to create beautiful cards with a soft and delicate effect in their favourite colours and patterns, almost like tie dye without the extra mess! Our cute Easter models make the perfect cards your children can give to all their friends, or they can proudly decorate the house with all year round.

Kids Circle - Easter Craft Kits for Kids

  1. Easter Bunny Jewellery Plate

Get the older kids to hop into the holiday fun with this Easter Bunny jewellery plate! Use our 100% kid-friendly air dry clay (no kiln needed) to create this handy, cute container that you can use to store jewellery or even toffees during the Easter party. We’ve provided the mould to help, but your kids can have fun creating their own special, colourful Easter Bunny designs, complementing the decorations and adding a heartwarming touch to your home decor!

Kids Circle - Easter Craft Kits for Kids

  1. Hoppy Easter Watercolour Bunny

The Easter Bunny is here for a fun party-time activity for younger children, getting them all to show their best creative sides with some Easter arts and crafts! Watch as they turn our Easter Bunny template into their very own version of the holiday’s favourite mascot. A perfect way for little kids to let their imagination shine in colour and get involved in painting with each other!

Kids Circle - Easter Craft Kits for Kids


  1. Air Dry Clay Easter Eggs

Decorating real eggs for Easter can get very messy and tricky for younger children, so we opted for an alternative route that’s less-fuss, more fun. You don’t need a kiln or heat to make these air dry clay Easter eggs; just some eager hands and the open air! Plus, our kits come with acrylic paint so the whole family can paint their eggs any way they like. It’s the perfect bonding activity to prepare for the famous Easter Egg Hunt!

Kids Circle - Easter Craft Kits for Kids


Our Limited Edition Kids Circle Easter Arts and Crafts Kits are available to purchase now! Take a look at all the activities on offer and pick the most egg-citing kit that your children would enjoy the most!