To help parents suddenly needing to return to the office now covid-19 restrictions are easing, Premium After School Care provider Kids Circle are for the first time offering full flexibility by enabling children to join one or several of their wide-range of professionally-taught classes from now until December 18.

Kids Circle Co-Founder Grace Lazzeri said the 2020 End of School Year Special Offer could also help private school parents whose children will be on holiday from early December by providing a way to keep their children engaged and learning in the afternoons until December 18. “It is also a great opportunity to try out a few different types of classes in our Lindfield and Chatswood centres to see where your child may shine in 2021,” she said.

Special Offer: Readers of the North Shore Times can have a 50% discount on two classes of their choice for this term’s After School program. To claim this, visit, fill in the form, choose your location and two or more classes and put “Support Local 2020” into the Registration Code box. For more information visit

Grace said Kids Circle made the offer in response to inquiries from parents who had not booked their children into activities this term, because they were working from home. “The parents are now finding their bosses are expecting them to return to the office, so they urgently needed to find quality, engaging options after school, particularly for their Kindy to Yr 3 children. We spoke to our professional instructors who said they could make it work – they have been terrific at finding solutions for the challenges of 2020.”

The opportunity could also appeal to parents still working from home but who are starting to think there is too much binge TV watching so could offer their child the chance to develop some new talents instead.

At Kids Circle, each afternoon children aged 5 to 10 participate in educational and fun programs including Cooking delivered by Chefs, Art Classes delivered by Visual Artists, K-Pop and Jazz classes deliver by trained Dancers, Karate - Martial Arts by Sensei, Mandarin language classes for beginners taught by Mandarin Teachers, Chess lessons by Sydney Chess Academy and Robotics and Coding by Young Engineers for STEM Projects – a different type of class each day.

“For extra flexibility for busy parents, we are also offering a ‘classes-only’ option. This means parents can drop off their child at 3.45pm then choose whether to pick their child up at 5pm after the class or take advantage of our professionally-designed group tutoring program and supervision until 6 or 6.30pm,” Grace said. A free pick up from school service is still available from Lindfield Public and Chatswood Public schools.

“There are a limited number of places available because some of our regular customers have not yet had to return to work. That means this a great opportunity to see if this sort of more structured, rewarding and professional program works for your child,” said Grace.

“They can attend one day or every day, depending on whether they are interested in the class running on that day. This is a program not childcare, so do talk to your child first and see what excites them.”

In addition to the 2020 End of School Year Special, Kids Circle bookings for Term 1 2021 open on November 24. Booking for the January school holiday programs are also now open for their Chatswood, Lindfield, Northbridge and Ryde locations.

Media Release November 15, 2020

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Extracurricular Classes as part of an After School Program?

Have you ever heard of a place with different ones under the same roof? There are so many known benefits of having your child in some sort of after-school program or activity, but do you know which ones? Let's go over them!

Throughout the developing years, children should be exposed to a variety of situations, social interactions, activities, and sports that will streamline and determine their interests moving forward in life, and each one of those activities will give them the experiences they need to form skills that become useful through their entire academic experience.

Our after-school program has been created with the idea of providing kids a fun and safe environment where they can experiment with their creativity, find the fun in learning, and grow with a better understanding of their overall affinities. Each one of our classes was carefully selected after receiving input from the ample community of parents who have engaged with us and participated on our program these last few years, which has helped us us to create a broad portfolio of activities that will satisfy the natural curiosity of the developing ages of 5 to 9 years old, along with that, each workshop is taught by industry professionals who have years of experience in their particular fields, and who make for the most interesting and fun classes.

Each day, kids will have 2 different classes taught by specialised teachers, along with Group Tutoring, to reinforce the knowledge they acquired during their school day, and it's a great chance to get through homework to make for a relaxing evening at home. The best part of our school program is the sense of routine they will develop, as we offer complimentary pick up from school, a full afternoon of activities, and once everything is done, it's time to go home!

Let's get through some of the benefits you'll find in having your child in an after-school program:

  1. Sense of belonging, building friendships and confidence!

This is one of the biggest benefits we have seen from our experience, the relationships they can build with each other, and that overall confidence they find within themselves, you truly see a full change through their experience as time goes on. 

2. Teamwork:

They also develop great teamwork skills, as some of our classes require them to work together to problem solve on the go, like our STEM Projects, these are hours and hours of fun and creative learning, and exploring new hobbies/interests, and developing lifelong skills!

One of our favourite classes is our Cooking - Master Chef Sessions, in them, our incredible Le Cordon Bleu Certified Chef shares many recipes, teaching them so many different techniques they can use in order to make the most incredible recipes. 

These classes are always a hit, and not only are they incredibly fun, but in them, they can also learn many skills that will help them later down the line, as they can experiment with and create as they go older, building a sense of independence and confidence, which in turn provides them with the right tools in order to become capable adults with a sense of adventure in their meals.

In the terms of exploring new hobbies, if cooking isn't up their alley, we also have Visual Arts classes, this is a huge part of our after-school program, it's a segment in which they will be able to explore many different areas of creative endeavours, allowing for creative self expression.

It's the novelty of creating something useful with your hands, creating something beautiful, and something fantastic that lets imaginations run wild. Our Visual Arts classes are created by an amazing Visual Arts artist, where they can learn from drawing with charcoal and pastels, to painting and clay modelling. 

3. An Opportunity to Relax and Engage on Physical Activity!

Having a space to let that energy go wild is a huge bonus for our kids here at Kids Circle, letting them have fun while also engaging on physical activity is key to build that connection early on, allowing them to build a healthy relationship with expression through dancing, or discipline through Karate.

After a long day or a long week of school, it's always fun to have a bit of a wiggle, right?! Well, we have a Dance class in which our incredible Dance instructor teaches the kids the a fun combination between Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop and now on 2020 after popular demand: KPop! (Korean Pop), these classes are not only incredibly fun for them, but they also provide with the perfect space to relax their bodies, dance, and allow the music to surround them as they practice their self expression. 

However, we also have a Sports-centric classes, like our Karate class, in it structure and discipline are essential, and learning those skills can easily translate into their academic performance. These classes are also super fun and interactive, in them they can feel like their very own superhero!

What other benefits can you perceive from after-school programs and activities that we didn't mention here?

If you want to book our after-school program, make sure to click this link today and see if we have availability! 

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