Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol my child in the After School Program?

All enrolments are made online. Please visit our "Book Now" section in the School Holiday Program tab. 


Do we have to book for the full week?

No, Kids Circle does not require a minimum weekly booking. You can book one or 5 days a week.


Do you offer government rebates?

There are no government rebates with our service as Kids Circle does not offer just care, we offer fun and educational workshops, however, you can redeem your $100 NSW Creative Kids Voucher for Dance or Visual Arts classes, and $200 NSW Active Kids Vouchers for Dance and Karate classes.


What are your hours?

Chatswood: 3:00pm to 6:30pm

Lindfield: 3:00pm to 6:00pm


How do you transport the children to and from the centre?

Chatswood: We transport the kids by minibus from the school to the centre. 

Lindfield: We walk the kids from the school to the centre via Gladstone Parade (4mins walk approximately)

What is the staff to children ratio? 

Kids Circle has a staff ratio of usually more than 1 adult for every 15 children, as we always have our teachers and instructors and additionally staff who make sure all the activities run smoothly and kids have the support and help they need.


Do my children change into their dance/sports uniform while at Kids Circle?

Yes, Kids Circle makes sure to have a female and male staff to help the kids changing into their uniforms when needed. Boys and girls change separately, not in the same room. Female staff will help girls and boys to change, and if we have male staff on the day they will only help male students. 


What happens if it rains?

Our program is designed to be held indoors


Cancellation, changes, and refund policy: 

  • Once a booking is confirmed and paid for, no refunds or exchange of dates allowed. 

  • We reserve the right to cancel a class (e.g. due to insufficient registrations) in which case we will offer you an alternative class date or a full refund of all registration fees.

  • We reserve the right to vary the class program to deal with any unforeseen circumstances.